The event will be Olympic distance 1.5km swim, 40km bike drafting allowed and 10km run. The race will start at 10:00 on Saturday 27th May 2023 in Port of Colònia Sant Jordi. 


Swimming is in the sea, along the coast in front of the beach of Es Dolc, around the buoys and back to the beach where it started, 1 lap for a total of 1.500 metres.

Keep in mind that the image on the right may not be exactly to scale.

The exit will be on the beach next to the port. When you get out of the water go to the transition area.
Keep in mind that the swimming circuit is subject to verification by the local authorities.


RELAY: Only the athlete with his bicycle can enter the transition area.

The cyclist will wait at the left of the transition area, at the entrance, and will take the swimmer’s timing chip, secure it and then enter the transition area to pick up his bike and start the bike leg.
The runner will wait at the left of the transition area, at the exit, and will take the timing chip from the cyclist, secure it and begin the run leg.

Please note that there may be minor changes subject to verification by the city council and local police.


Exit the transition to Dolfi Street. Turn right on Avinguda Marques del Palmer to exit town. Leave the gas station on the right.

1,15 km At the roundabout take the first exit to Ses Salines-Santany and go ahead to Ses Salines town. Go through Ses Salines town following the main street and passing by the two roundabouts of the city.

8,45 km Turn right towards Cap de Ses Salines. Enjoy the long, fast and gentle fall into the lighthouse through a magnificent landscape. Elevation 50m.

18km. The turning point is at the end of the road and returns to where you came from. Maximum elevation 60m.

26.95 km At the junction, turn right towards Es Llombards.

27,95 km Here is the turning point to return on the road from Ses Salines to Colonia Sant Jordi.

Return where you came from, through Ses Salines and enters Colònia Sant Jordi. You will see the petrol station on your left and, 600 metres ahead, enter the transition zone, at 38 km.

There is a water and food station at the turning point at the lighthouse, halfway along the bicycle route.


From the transition follow the road towards the coastal road that surrounds the perimeter of the city. Continue around the city then at the Sur Hotel, turn onto C. Alexandre Farnese where you will see the water and food station.

Turn right on Avenida Primavera and continue on Carrer d’Estanys and repeat this turn 3 times.

At the last turn, turn left on Carrer de Gabriel Roca and the arrival will be on the palm-lined pedestrian street in front of the race start.
Please note that there may be minor changes in the routes subject to verification by the city council and local police.