The beauty of the Colònia Sant Jordi is that the environment is all protected forest. This means that there will be no high-rise hotels, traffic and crowds, only peace and tranquillity.

For most people who come to a race or training camp, a walk in the forest is not their idea of relaxing between sessions, but for other family members and friends, there is a lot to do outside of regular activities and excursions.

We have hiking and biking trails that will take you inland and along the coastline of Ses Salinas. There are also sailing, fishing, kayaking, kite surfing, windsurfing, snorkelling, golf, tennis, horse riding, aquatic aerobics, yoga, pilates, massages, spa treatments…. You get the idea!


The “magic triangle” takes you from the beaches of Colònia Sant Jordi to the island of Cabrera. The whole archipelago is a national park of Spain (Parque Nacional del Archipiélago de Cabrera). Cabrera is the largest of the 19 islands that make up the archipelago, rich in fauna and flora, protected species of birds and reptiles and fascinating underwater landscapes. The island is 6 km long and 5 km wide.

Visits are usually from March to October and include the pier, the beaches, the castle, the museum and the monument to the French prisoners, among other places of interest. You can also visit the 14th century Kosaren fortress, have a picnic and swim in the crystal clear sea.

Two short marked roads on the island. A path leads to the castle by a cliff where at the top you can enjoy unbeatable views of the bay of Palma. The other way leads to two idyllic beaches with different characters. One is sandy and the other has many rock pools. Both, of course, have clear and beautiful waters, perfect for swimming.

Any trip to Cabrera will stop at the “Blue Grotto“: a magnificent cave where outside light filters through the aquamarine waters, creating a wonderful gem quality. An excursion to Cabrera usually lasts one day, leaving at 9.30 am from the Colònia Sant Jordi harbour and returning around 5 pm. Or, for a little more fun, take the boat for a memorable 2-3 hour trip.